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3D nanofibrous scaffold

Taking cell culture to the next dimension

Open call 2022

Take your research to the next dimension with Gelacell for free and participate for the chance to win a sponsorship to present your 3D cell culture work in the international congress of your choice*


3D nanofibrous scaffold

Gelacell is a non-woven highly porous scaffold specially designed for in vitro 3D cell culture and tissue engineering

It is made from a crosslinked network of randomly oriented pharmaceutical-grade gelatin nanofibers. It is biodegradable, compatible with many cell lines, and suitable for the culture of complex systems

Gelacell 3D advantages
vs conventional 2D systems

Acts as an in-vitro extracellular matrix

Preserves the natural cell structure

Enhances cell-to-cell and cell-to-matrix interactions

Supports optimal
cell differentiation

Facilitates nutrient diffusion and avoids waste build-up

Protects cells during laboratory practices

 A cell-friendly nanostructure that mimics the natural ECM

Maintain the in vivo morphology of your cells and improve the  relevance of your research

In traditional 2D in vitro systems, cells tend to flatten and stretch in a monolayer, creating stress and modifying their natural behavior

A 3D in vitro scaffold helps preserve the natural shape of the cells, reduces the stress conditions, and allows for the structural conformation found in native tissues. In a 3D system, cells retain more of their original functions, surface activity, and natural complex interactions

Possible applications 

  • Tissue engineering

  • Implants and regenerative medicine

  • Tumor research

  • Drug discovery

  • Cell culture assays

  • Complex tissue modeling

  • Many more!

Gelacell 3D nanofibrous scaffold
is available for purchase

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3D nanofibrous scaffold

Open Call 2022

Gelacell Open Call

Are you working on cell culture and would like to go 3D?

Get free access to a Gelatex 3D XL nanofibrous scaffold and the opportunity to win a great prices

Are you a  student or a researcher from a private or public institution currently working in any of these areas or related fields?

  • 2D/3D cell culture

  • Cellular assays

  • Tissue engineering/modeling

  • Drug discovery

  • Medical/biomedical research

  • Tumor modeling

  • Biomaterials

  • Cell imagining

Would you like to test free-of-charge the new Gelacell 3D nanofibrous scaffold for with your own experimental design, and having the chance to win a sponsorship to present your 3D cell culture-related work at the international congress of your choice?*

Just follow these simple six steps

  1. Register on the form below telling us how you would like to use Gelacell 3D nanofibrous scaffold in your research

  2. Get pre-selected and submit a detailed one-page explanation of your research protocol

  3. Receive the Gelacell 3D nanofibrous scaffold kit

  4. Perform your experiments

  5. Share your feedback with us

  6. Win great prizes and discounts

Please fill in all the necessary information before submitting

Thank you for your submission, we will get in contact with you shortly!

We will be providing you with special well inserts to facilitate your work with the scaffold. Which well plate size would you like to work with?

Tell us about your plans on how to use Gelacell 3D scaffold and register for free by filling out the form above. If selected to participate, you will receive for free a Gelacell 3D scaffold XL, crown inserts, special discounts on Gelacell products, and the chance to win a sponsorship to present your 3D cell culture-related work at the international congress of your choice*. This a worldwide open call  intended for individuals from any research center, educational institution, private or public company, who have experience working with cell culture and would like to perform their own experiments using the novel Gelacell 3D nanofibrous scaffold

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