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About us

Gelatex Technologies is an Estonian materials company that has revolutionized nanofibers production.

Our mission is simple, 
to enable innovation through nanofibers.

We aim to be the catalyst to facilitate the use of nanofibers in many industrial sectors including clean food, medical applications, and sustainable materials.

Our values

Create a meaningful impact


We believe that even the smallest  of things like nanofibers, when compounded over time, can have a meaningful impact and improve the life of billions of people.

All our team understands that with our daily actions, we affect our environment and people around us. Therefore, we strive to always have a positive impact leading to the success of our customers and the realization of our mission.


Collaboration takes us further


We believe that to create effective state-of-the-art solutions, we need to be open to collaborating and learning from each other.

The best results are achieved by forming cross-sectorial teams and leveraging diverse expertise to innovate.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” We choose to go far!

Create the future by starting today


We believe that science gives us the power to create the future as we envision it.  It is essential to be endlessly curious, open-minded, and experiment fearlessly.


Even the biggest things start with small steps. Every day is a new opportunity to get closer to changing the world.

Our team

We are a multinational team of enthusiastic, solution-driven individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise in several areas such as Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Marketing, Administration, Sales, and Business Development, to name a few.


We are constantly expanding, so keep an eye out for updates!

Our history


Gelatex is born

Our founders participate in the Climate Launchpad competition and win with the idea of producing leather-like textiles by using gelatin nanofibers and other materials.


Gelatex Technologies OÜ is registered as a company in Tallinn, Estonia.

We are honoured to have as partners and supporters:

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Estonian Business and Innovation Agency (former Enterprise Estonia, EAS) supports Gelatex Technologies OÜ during Applied Research Programme with a grant of 762 770,4 euros. The project RE.5.04.22-0055 "Nanofibrous microcarriers for the production of cell-cultured meat" aim is to develop edible microcarriers and microcarrier production technologies for industrial cellular agriculture and cultured meat. Project duration: 01.07.2022-01.07.2024

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