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Gelatex Technologies is the inventor of the fastest and most cost-effective technology for nanofiber production. Learn more about our company, culture and founders


Gelatex Technologies

Gelatex Technologies is a Techstars-backed materials company from Estonia that is revolutionizing nanofiber production. Gelatex has patented a novel high-capacity solution-spinning method and device for nanofiber manufacturing to innovate cultured meat, tissue engineering, and many other industries. The material comes in rolls, is easily scalable, and is up to 90% cheaper than current nanofibrous materials.

Interesting facts

Gelatex Technologies develops its own products (currently scaffolds for cultured meat and tissue engineering) and provides the development of nanofibrous materials as a service.


By 2040, cultured meat is estimated to make up 35% of global meat production. For this prediction to come true, we need scalable scaffolds to give texture to the meat. Without a scaffold, the meat is just mush. Nanofibers are proven to provide high performance, however, production technologies are slow and expensive.


Gelatex has invented scalable scaffolding technology: the biggest available electrospinning (currently used technology) units in the market can produce 360 g/h, our semi-industrial unit can already produce up to 5 kg/h.


Gelatex’s technology has a small footprint. A machine that takes only a couple of square meters of floor space can produce 5 kg of nanofibers per hour. That is enough nanofibers for producing 1300 kg of meat in only a single 8 hr workday.


Our mission: to be the growth catalyst of sustainability and health-related industries by developing and producing nanofiber materials.

Our values

Responsible for the impact we have

We believe that small things can have a big impact. Each and every one of us affects the environment and people around us. Every member of our team impacts the success of the company and our customers. And even something as tiny as a nanofiber can impact billions of people.

Collaboration takes us further

We believe that to create effective state-of-the-art solutions, we need to be open to collaborating and learning from each other. The best results are achieved by forming cross-sectorial partnerships and leveraging the diverse expertise to innovate. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” We choose to go far!

Create the future by starting today

We believe that science gives us the power to create the future as we imagine it. It is essential to stay curious, open-minded, and experiment fearlessly. Big things require small steps, and more importantly - you need to start. Every day is an opportunity to get closer to the desired outcome and make the world better.

Our team

We are a team of enthusiastic, solution-driven individuals with backgrounds and expertise in Materials Science, Engineering, Microbiology, Marketing and Business Development, to name a few.


We are expanding, so keep an eye out for updates!



Our founders met at the University of Tartu, where Mari-Ann was doing her MBA and Märt-Erik was pursuing an MSc in Materials Science, specializing in gelatin nanofibers. Together they came up with the idea of using gelatin nanofibers for the production of leather-like textile. Thus, Gelatex started developing its high-throughput nanofiber technology back in 2017 because of the company’s own needs. In 2020, after having participated in Techstars accelerator and while helping to reduce filtration material scarcity during the COVID-19 pandemic, we realized that our proprietary nanofiber technology could be used in various fields. We decided to pivot. Now we focus on developing and producing nanofibrous materials for various industries such as cultured meat, tissue engineering, wound care, filtration, or energy storage. Our main focus goes to enabling the cost reduction and scalability of cultured meat with our high-performance plant-based 3D scaffolds. Our materials are produced with a patented solution-spinning technology, which is the fastest, safest and cheapest technology for nanofiber production.

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