Our Mission 

To be the growth catalyst of sustainability and health-related industries by developing and producing nanofiber materials.

Our Values

Responsible for the impact we have

We believe that small things can have a big impact.

Each and everyone of us has an impact on the environment and people around us.

Every member of our team has an impact on the success of the company and our customers.                                                   
And even something as tiny as a nanofiber can impact billions of people.


Collaboration takes us further

We believe that in order to create effective state-of-the-art solutions we need to be open to collaborate and learn from each other.                                                                 
The best results are achieved by forming cross-sectorial partnerships and leveraging the diverse expertise to innovate. 

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." We choose to go far! 

Create the future by starting today 

We believe that science gives us the power to create the future as we imagine it.       
It is important to stay curious, open-minded, and experiment fearlessly.
Big things require small steps and more importantly - you need to start.
Every day is an opportunity to get closer to the desired outcome and make the world a better place.

Our Team

We are a team of enthusiastic, solution-driven individuals with backgrounds and expertise in Material Science Engineering, Technical Design, Marketing and Business Administration to name a few.                                  


We will soon be expanding, so keep an eye out for updates! 


Our Founders

Märt-Erik is a skilled engineer and materials scientist and inventor of Gelatex proprietary process for nanofiber production. He has researched and developed nanofibers for over 5 years. He has also wide experience in mechanical engineering and product development.  He has engineered and constructed all of the prototype manufacturing machinery for Gelatex and leads technology development.

Märt - Erik Martens
Co-Founder & CEO

Mari-Ann has over 7 years of experience in the textile industry and

previously  worked as a garment technologist doing product development for fashion designers, as well as a business consultant helping young entrepreneurs develop their businesses. Mari-Ann has an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Technology Management from University of Tartu (Estonia) and BASc degree in Technical Design and Technology of Apparel.

Mari - Ann Fonseca
Co-Founder & COO

Our founders met at the University of Tartu, where Mari-Ann was doing her MBA and Märt-Erik was pursuing a MSc in Materials Science, specializing in gelatin nanofibers.                       


This is where they came up with the idea of using gelatin for the production of leather-like textile.


Having developed our proprietary nanofiber technology back in 2017 for the purpose of manufacturing leather-like textile, in 2020, we realised that the same technology could be used to produce a variety of nanomaterials. 


Now, we focus on developing nanofibrous materials for novel applications in medicine, food, textile, filtration, and energy industries among others.