Our Mission

We transform an abundantly available and undervalued resource into materials with unlimited potential to make the everyday life of many people greener and healthier. 

Materials That Do Good

We believe there must be better ways to deal with enormous speed of consumption and its impact on Earth. We believe the key is in materials. Materials that are both sustainable but also affordable and scalable to make them accessible for everyone. We aim to create materials that do good, and are competitive with standard alternatives. We believe only this way we can create an impact and make our life

Smarter Use Of Resources

We find value in an abundantly available and highly undervalued resource: gelatin produced as a byproduct of the livestock industry. Today in the livestock industry, after an animal is slaughtered, up to 60% of the animal is unused, and as long as we eat meat, this waste will continue. Up to 5 million tons of this resource is incinerated each year in Europe alone. At Gelatex, we believe we can do better. We believe with innovation, we can give value to this abundant, under-valued resource.

Innovation, Not Destruction

We have created a revolutionary process that enables making gelatin-based nano-fibrous materials faster than any other existing technology. Our flagship material is an eco-friendly non-toxic textile for fashion or interior design. It is the only eco-friendly leather-like material that is easily scalable, 100% non-toxic, comes in rolls and is made of waste. Further applications for Gelatex platform material include drug testing, dentistry, wound care and filtration.

Our Values


We are honest, open
and visible in our communication and activities.


We care and take action for the good of our people and environment.


We connect and interact in order to learn and innovate together for the best results.

Second Chances

We do not give up and waste before giving a second chance. We are all worth another try.

Our Team

Märt-Erik Martens
Co-Founder & CEO
Robert Männa
Manufacturing & Operation Engineer
Mari-Ann Meigo Fonseca
Co-Founder & COO
Daniel Filipe Fonseca
Marketing Manager
Markus Veinla
Material Development Lead
Raido Enn
Production Machinery Development Lead


Between the period of 1st of July 2020 to 15th of Nov 2020 European Union European Regional Development Fund helps Gelatex Technologies OÜ with a grant of  € 6000 € to carry out project “Extending the scope of the nanofibers production method" (in EST: Nanokiudude tootmismeetodi rakendusala laiendamine”). The purpose of the project is to help Gelatex optimize its nanofiber production method for the manufacturing of filtration materials and to apply for a patent for the method.

The Project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme ender grant agreement No. 876086


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