Revolutionising nanofiber production

The Gelatex Platform

High-capacity, continuous and easily scalable custom nanofiber manufacturing, up to 20 times faster than electrospinning

Nanofibrous materials can function like the extracellular matrix in which cells grow. This allows scientists to create new tissue outside of the human body. 

A large surface area to mass ratio makes nanofibers excellent for use as electrode materials in energy storage devices.

Nanofibrous materials can purify air with exceptional efficiency while still remaining highly breathable.

Gelatex Applications

Sustainable Textile

Gelatex textile is a unique eco-friendly material for fashion and interior design. It is 100% non-toxic material, made of waste and comes in rolls. It feels a bit like suede or leather but yet, is different from any other material. It’s Gelatex.

Gelatex Research

We are discovering new applications for Gelatex nanofibrous material in medical research, dentistry, and many more.

What We Believe

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