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materials for scalable production

Available now as a sample or in quantity

There hasn’t been innovation in how we are growing meat in 10000 years. Current livestock-based meat production is responsible for:


of Earth’s land


of greenhouse gas emissions


of freshwater


of antibiotics are used for animals


Tissue engineering

Cell-cultured meat is
a sustainable solution

Gelatex makes high-performance 3D scaffolds and microcarriers for scalable cultured meat mass-production.


Microcarriers are needed to help cells to proliferate in bioreactors while the scaffold supports muscle tissue formation to achieve a structured steak-like meat that looks, feels and tastes like meat

that we are used to.

How is cell-cultured meat made?

1. Biopsy

2. Cell isolation

3. Proliferation

4. Muscle tissue formation

5. Cell-cultured meat

3D scaffold

Gelatex’s 3D scaffold for cultured meat is produced from high-quality edible and plant-based polymers. It supports cell adhesion and differentiation.


Our scaffold benefits

3D structure

90% lower costs

Works with many cell lines

Stable quality

Automated scalable production

The scaffold is produced with Gelatex’s proprietary nanofiber production technology

We can adjust the parameters such as the fiber size or porosity, make the fibers aligned or randomly oriented and optimize the scaffold according to specific requirements.

The 3D structure created by Gelatex’s proprietary nanofiber technology is the
most similar to the natural ECM


Extracellular matrix

Source:, Physical Properties of the Extracellular Matrix of Decellularized Porcine Liver, H.Ijima, S. Nakamura, R. Bual, etc. 2018

Gelatex nanofibers

Electrospun nanofibers

Source: Gelatex

Source: Gelatex

Group 90_edited.jpg

Tissue engineering

3D render of cell distribution inside the scaffold

Images of BHK-21 cells in static culture on a Gelatex scaffold after

24 hours. Cell nuclei are visualized in blue, nanofibers in purple.

Our scaffolds are available for purchase as   a sample kit or on-demand on rolls

Our microcarriers are in the testing phase

Suppose you are interested in being among the first to test them out! Get in touch!

Do you have any questions?

Let us know. We have various plant-based and edible proteins in our R&D pipeline and are happy to consider yours first

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