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Nanofibers according to your needs

Our technology is versatile: we can adjust the materials based on your needs.

We provide development and contract manufacturing for customized solutions.

Contract development

A proven R&D team at your service to create bespoken nanofibrous materials derived from bio-based polymers, synthetic polymers, polymer mixtures, and polymeric nanocomposites

With ample experience in edible, bio-based, synthetic, biodegradable, bioresorbable, and biocompatible materials, our experts in materials science, technology, and engineering, help to design the ideal nanofibrous solution for your specific application.

How can we help you?

  • Technology consultation

  • Creation of nanofibers from novel polymers, or polymer blends

  • Nanofiber diameter optimization

  • Material thickness optimization

  • Material porosity optimization

  • SEM analysis

  • Filtration efficiency analysis

  • Breathability analysis

  • Material lamination

  • Nanofibers coating or treatment

  • Development of new coatings

  • Incorporation of drugs or active molecules into nanofibers

  • Development of nanocomposites

  • Development of 3D-shaped materials

  • Many more!

Looking for a different R&D service?

Gelatex materials scientist in the lab with nanofibrous material
Services - CD
Gelatex team members adjusting production parameters

Contract manufacturing

Mass-production of customized nanofibrous materials and polymeric nanocomposites at cost-competitive prices.

Do you have your own formulation? – Let us help you take your ideal nanofibrous material from the laboratory setting to an industrial production scale with ease.

Our technology is compatible with a wide spectrum of polymer types, polymer mixtures, active molecules, inorganic compounds, nanoparticles, and solvents.

Services - CM


Technology licensing for your in-house scalable production will become available in the near future.

Halospun material production
Servies - L

Are you interested?

Our team of experts will assist you in finding the perfect solution to suit your needs!

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