Leather-like Textile

Gelatex is the first eco-friendly leather-like material that is 100% non-toxic, made of waste and is easily scalable. It is made from gelatin nanofibers by up-cycling meat industry waste, an abundant and under-valued resource. It is a unique material, different from any other, but closest to suede or leather.

Case Studies

Gelatex x Stella Soomlais

The relationship with Estonian most well-known fully circular leather bags and accessories brand Stella Soomlais was created on early days of Gelatex in 2016. Stella Soomlais designers and crafters have tested the material various times on different products and are continuously giving us a valuable feedback.

Website: https://www.stellasoomlais.com/

"What really caught my attention about Gelatex was its many positive sides such as sustainability, constant quality and that it comes in rolls."

–Anna Lehmusniemi

Founder & designer at NO/AN

"What excites me the most about Gelatex is the scalability and even topography of the material, which in other words means smaller leftover percentage"

–Stella Runnel

Founder & designer at Stella Soomlais

Benefits Of Gelatex


Redesigned from
livestock waste


Structure of the mesh creates porous material


No toxic chemicals, little energy and water used in production


Thickness and weight can be customized

Comes in Rolls

Reduces material waste and saves your time

Stable Quality

No scratches, no thickness variations

Cost Competitive

Zero Waste

Quick automated production keeps the cost down

There is no wastewater or solid waste from Gelatex production 

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Textile Formulation

We use a proprietary process of creating a nano-fibrous mesh that becomes the base textile. 

Nano-Fibrous Mesh

We use a proprietary technology to spin a nano-fibrous mesh from gelatin-based solution.

Lamination + Finishing  

The mesh is laminated with cotton and finished with sustainable ingredients for better durability and nice touch.

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