3D scaffold for scalable cultured meat production.

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Gelatex 3D scaffold for cultured meat is produced with our proprietary nanofiber production technology from high-quality raw materials. The technology enables to create unique 3D structures from various polymers and adjust the parameters such as the fiber size or porosity.

Gelatex scaffolds are the most optimal and cost-effective

3D scaffolds for both your development and scaling plans.

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Works with

many cell lines

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to use

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scalable production


for quotation about other polymers. 

"Unlike conventional electrospun materials where you get a plane orientation of fibers, the fibrous materials from the Gelatex process are true 3D. The presence of fiber segments that are oriented perpendicular to the surface of the mat and overall sparse distribution mean that the Gelatex materials are excellent in supporting cell penetration into deeper layers of the material and development of 3D tissue constructs. "

— Martin Järvekülg, 

PhD in Materials Science,

research lead in biomaterial design and biogenic materials at the University of Tartu