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We are looking for
cell culture summer intern

to join our Tallinn team and help to test Gelatex’s nanofibrous scaffolds and microcarriers with various cell types for cultivated meat and wound care applications. 


Who are we?

Gelatex Technologies is an Estonian materials technology startup that facilitates innovation through the creation and manufacturing of novel high-tech nanofibrous materials

We create custom solutions for cellular agriculture, cultured meat, tissue engineering, 3d cell culture, advanced wound care, filtration, and many other applications

Who are you?

  • You have completed or are in the process of completing a degree in molecular biology, cell biology, gene technology, biotechnology, or a similar field.

  • You have experience with cell culture.

  • You are proactive and take initiative

  • You are fluent in spoken and written English


When you join, you can expect:

  • Applying existing and gain new knowledge

  • Get the opportunity to participate in the development of an innovative startup

  • You can work on exciting topics such as cell-cultured meat and tissue engineering

  • Contribute to making life more sustainable around the world

  • Working hours and schedules are flexible


“We do not have micromanagement here at Gelatex. The management allows independence and you have the opportunity to perform tasks according to your personality. The second important part for me is that at Gelatex I am able to work in so many different areas. Although there is a lot of ambiguity ahead, we are working together as a team to achieve our goals.”

Athanasios Garoufas

Chief Business Development Officer


“Times are exciting at Gelatex right now and we believe that we are at the beginning of something very big. Our plan is to become the world’s leading manufacturer with our scaffolds for cultured meat and it is positive to see that we are already considered one of the leading companies in this field. In addition, there is a growing interest in our nanofiber production technology from other fields, such as wound care or biodegradable filtration materials. ”

Mari-Ann Meigo Fonseca

Co-founder & COO


“We value the uniqueness of each team member and notice individual strengths. Teamwork is definitely one of the key aspects here at Gelatex. The more we work together, the more we learn form each other’s competences, and through that, we achieve an environment that is pleasant for everyone. We are looking for people who want to shape a better future by creating what has never been done before in materials technology. “

Märt-Erik Martens

Co-founder and CEO

The expected length of the internship is 2-6 months starting from June 26th, 2023. Although the working hours and workload are flexible, the internship takes place in person at our Tallinn office. The internship is paid (654 euros at full time workload). Successful internships may provide an opportunity to remain in employment.

Apply before April 30th
by sending your CV and motivation letter to

After that, suitable candidates will be invited for an interview.

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